3 Ways to Keep Your Storm Drains Healthy

During the rainy season, it can be difficult to keep your storm drains clear and healthy, but people don’t know how to avoid it or take care of it. Not to mention, the occasional hurricane or two that can interrupt a good weather pattern, scattering debris into the street and into the drains. So, here are a few tips for storm drain cleaning miami.

Tidy Up Your Yard

Instead of letting those leaves pile up in your yard, take initiative and pile them into bags and recycle them in your green waste. Another alternative is to mow over the leaves with your mower to chop them into fine pieces instead of raking them into a pile for pickup. This way, the leaves are too tiny to clog up the drain and won’t make a big mess on the street. Whatever you keep out of those drains, you will keep out of your streams and rivers.

Dispose of the Trash Properly

People tend to pile their leaves on the street, and when the wind blows, there they go straight into the streams. Save the wildlife and preserve the well-being of the ecosystem and make sure to dispose of all of your trash correctly. If your trash is too full, put the excess trash in a bag so that it does not get blown out of the open bin and into the street. This will help prevent polluting the drain with not only leaves from your yard, but actual trash that needs to be dumped.

Pick Up After Yourself

Try not to use fertilizer and pesticide use because it runs off into the waterways. Pick up after your dog’s waste so that it does not wash into the streams. Also, don’t sweep any residual sediment in your yard or your driveway into the drains, because those sort of things really clogs up the drains. Tree branches, excess trash or leaves can clog your storm drains.

Remember to always clean up after yourself and try to keep your storm drains unclogged. If they become too much, you may need to have professionals come out and clean out the public storm drain. Make sure to respect your storm drain ecosystem and remind your neighbors to the same to help preserve the community system.